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Susan Borke


the power of negotiation

Give your employees the tools they need to be effective and engaged.

Give them strong negotiation skills.

About Borke Works

about BorkeWorks

No one is born a master negotiator. Great negotiation skills come from a combination of knowledge, training, and practice.

Practical negotiation training and coaching reduce fear and increase effectiveness.  At BorkeWorks, our mission is to help you and your organization tap into the power of strong negotiation skills. We provide a research-based, problem-solving, interactive approach to negotiation training and staff coaching that increases employee engagement, reduces the fear of negotiation, and improves negotiator effectiveness. 

Negotiaton Training Washington DC

I partnered with Susan on several high-stakes business negotiations where the other parties had more attorneys and more resources. Susan's thoughtful, strategic approach led to win-win partnerships, which the other parties rushed to renew. In addition to being whip-smart, possessing considerable emotional intelligence and significant business and non-profit experience, she is a delight to learn from.

Terrie Clifford, National Geographic

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In Action

Susan's training was incredibly valuable. We learned new strategies for preparing psychologically for a negotiation. We received a fantastic plan for how to get the most out of any negotiation - filling in some gaps we didn't know we had. Finally, the class was interactive which made it exceptionally engaging. I highly recommend Susan's seminars, which are carefully tailored for each audience.


Sheena (Burton) Saydem,

Managing Partner at Saydem Properties Group at  Keller Williams Capital Properties

Susan Borke Art of Negotiation
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About Susan Borke

About Susan Borke

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Susan Borke first used this simple principle as a financially-strapped college student who needed to find a way to get course credit for an unpaid internship, without paying tuition. It was one of her first successful negotiations and helped to spark her passion for teaching this strategy, and other effective negotiating techniques, to business people of every level.


Borke’s years of experience as a media executive at CBS and in-house counsel at National Geographic, provided extensive opportunities to practice the negotiation techniques she teaches. With a background in legal and financial administration, Borke has managed departments and divisions that included attorneys, paralegals, and other business professionals. She understands the needs of C-level executives and their employees.


Susan Borke

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Negotiating Experience


National Geographic, NBC, Facebook


Apple, Microsoft, AOL, Sony


The College Board, Vital Voices, Human Rights Campaign

• Academic institutions

University of California, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

I have had the extreme pleasure of collaborating with Susan on multiple contract initiatives during my time at National Geographic. What I appreciate the most about Susan is her firm but fair approach, how generous she is with her time, and her willingness to mentor and share her extensive legal and technical knowledge. There were many occasions where I learned valuable techniques and best practices simply by observing how she prepared for and conducted a negotiation. Additionally, I have attended two of Susan’s negotiations seminars and continue to apply fundamentals and strategies from her training in my career every day. I highly recommend Susan.

Michael S. Freed

Director Strategic Sourcing

The College Board


This hands-on one-day program helps employees become more effective when negotiating with vendors, internal or external clients, and other stakeholders.  Participants will leave this highly interactive day with the necessary tools and confidence to approach negotiations strategically and ultimately achieve greater success for themselves and your organization.

Negotiation Skills Seminar

Each content-rich 60-90 minute presentation focuses on a specific sub-set of skills that improve negotiating effectiveness. These seminars are excellent for “lunchtime learning” or as part of a longer program. Each program stands alone, supports the others, and complements the day-long BorkeWorks Negotiation Skills Seminar.

Find the program that will help your team learn to negotiate more effectively. Don’t see what you need? BorkeWorks’ problem-solving, experiential approach to teaching negotiation can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.


Negotiation Hacks

Each Negotiation Skills Seminar equips participants with:

  • A thorough understanding of negotiations as a problem-solving process

  • Proven tools to approach negotiations strategically and effectively

  • Knowledge and experience gained from applying what they learn in three real-life business simulations.

Popular Hacks Topics:

  • Job Offer & Compensation Negotiations

  • Meetings That Work

  • Superpower Communication Skills

  • Productivity Secrets

  • Mindful Negotiating

  • The 3 Rs of Preparing for a Negotiation

My negotiating skills and those of my staff grew tremendously as a result of Susan's training. We went through the program when she offered it at National Geographic, and I'm a real fan. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to transform negotiation from an adversarial experience to one that truly builds relationships, particularly in fields where non-lawyers are responsible for negotiation.

Nancy Feresten, Publishing Consultant

Susan helped to solve problems that I didn’t even know I had.

Topher Bellavia, Improv Connects, participant in Negotiation Hack workshop

Advanced Negotiation Skills Training

Available only to clients who have completed a Negotiation Skills Seminar, this advanced training is custom-designed to build negotiating skills for a specific situation or address a particular need.

I can think that I've looked at a big upcoming negotiation from every angle, but Susan always helps me see something I was not considering. The result is entering into negotiations with calm, clarity, and confidence, and the results of those negotiations have been much better for it.

Jared Gottlieb, Graduate Student

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